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COVER 2005-1: Linearization of Holomorphic Dynamical Systems
by Christoph List.

ISBN: 0-9544269-2-4
Publication date: 28 February, 2005. Reprinted 2006.
Paperback. 145 pp. 295x210mm.
Out of print.

A holomorphic dynamical system consists of the iteration of a holomorphic function f(z). Consider only functions that fix the origin. The system is said to be linearizable if there is an invertible holomorphic function h(z), fixing 0, such that h^{-1}(f(h(z))) takes the form az, for some constant a. The problem of characterizing the linearizable functions was raised over a century ago, but waited until the 1990's for serious progress. This book, based on the author's Master's thesis, tells the story to 1998, including an exposition of work of Yoccoz and Perez-Marco.

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