Introduction to Maple Programming


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COVER 2005-3: Introduction to Maple Programming
by Anthony G. O'Farrell.

ISBN: 0-9544269-4-0
Publication date: 1 February, 2005.
Paperback. viii plus 235 pp. 58 black-and-white illustrations. Index. 295x210mm.
Original Out of Print. A verbatim reprint is available, at a keen price. BUY NOW!

This is a textbook aimed at students having no previous programming experience, who are beginning to program using the Maple¹ symbolic manupulation system. It is packed with exercises and case-studies on the use of Maple to solve pure and applied mathematical problems.

In the late 1980's, symbolic manipulation systems such as and Maple reached the point of development at which they became powerful enough, and simple enough to use, to allow the average undergraduate to take advantage of them. They allow a new kind of experience of mathematics, in which people can experiment with the concepts, and attain a level of comprehension that hitherto was accessible only to people of unusual perspicacity. They also create new ways of conducting research in pure and applied mathematics. These exciting possibilities are fully realised when the user of Maple passes from using the likes of Maple as a (mere) fancy calculator, to actually programming in Maple. When you program, you take full control of the system, and bend it to your will. This is a deeply satisfying, creative activity. This book leads you, in graduated steps, into this activity.

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