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2013-1: Irish Mathematical Olympiad Manual, second edition
by James Cruickshank, Gary McGuire,
Anthony G. O'Farrell, David B. Redmond,
Richard O. Watson and David J. Wraith.
Edited by Anthony G. O'Farrell.

ISBN: 978-09544269-8-9
Publication date: 30 July, 2013.
Paperback, perfect bound. viii+166pp. 42 line drawings. Index. 210x148mm.

Table of Contents (PDF file, 158K).
This book is an updated and somewhat expanded edition of the former Maynooth Mathematical Olympiad Manual. The second edition is a compact (A5-size) paperback, with perfect binding, replacing the A4-size heatbound first edition.

The book is primarily intended to assist Irish secondary-school students who are preparing to compete in the Irish Mathematical Olympiad (held in May each year) or the International Mathematical Olympiad (held in July each year). It may also be of interest to others who enjoy mathematics. The Olympiads are written examinations, based on "second-level mathematics". There are significant variations between countries in the content of second-level programmes in Mathematics. Thus, Irish competitors find themselves faced with problems that require background knowledge that is not covered in the Senior Cycle programme for our schools. In order to have a reasonable chance of success, they need to master this material. There are many problem-collections available, which students may use to hone their problem-solving skills. There are also some good books which provide some background information in combination with problems and advice on problem-solving. However, this book is specifically designed to bridge the gap faced by Irish students between the material normally covered in school and the material they need to know.

The book has proved useful, and is Logic Press' best-selling title. It has been used right round Ireland, in all the Olympiad training centres (UCD, UCC, NUIG, UL as well as NUI, Maynooth), and also enjoyed sales and positive feedback from mathematicians working with talented young people in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Britain, France, Spain, India, Poland, Switzerland, Taiwan, Brazil and Singapore.

The authors are academic mathematicians, working at Irish Universities, who have been engaged for some years as voluntary trainers of prospective olympiad contestants. The selection of material is based on this experience.

From a contestant's father: "Just a note to let you know Derek made the Irish team. Said your book helped. Probably made the difference. Said something about an inequality question where he was stalled and then remembered to try applying some formula or approach you recommended in your book."
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